Tuesday, April 5, 2011


A close friend of mine got engaged a few days ago and as I sat here thinking and smiling about the time and detail that GOD took in weaving the in and outs of their love story, well, it's just beautiful. Then I began pondering the intricacies of my own story. It truly is exquisite when GOD writes your story. From the moment HE showed me who I was going to marry until the moment I said I do, there was no writer in the this world that could have orchestrated a more artistically alluring love story for me to share. (Really, eat your heart out Hollywood, because you've got nothing on my LORD! You'll see I promise.)

Now, this is my disclaimer before I begin ...I in no way encourage anyone to sit and dissect every dream they have and try to decode whether it was a message from GOD. While I believe GOD can and does speak through dreams, I don't believe HE does it all the time or even most of the time. I believe GOD is GOD and can do whatever HE chooses, but I also believe for the most part HE uses much more reliable vehicles of speaking to people, such as and most of all HIS WORD, which at the time this happened to me, I was just beginning to learn and understand. Now, having said that, this is how GOD revealed my husband to me.

In January of 2000, I remember waking up and thinking, that was an odd dream. You've had them too. Dreams that make you scratch your head and say, why in the world did I dream about that? And this was exactly that, a dream that was odd and made you smile a little but nothing more...

It was my wedding day and as I walked down the aisle on my father's arm at Woooddale, it wasn't Here Comes the Bride in the background. No I, in my beautiful white dress, was walking down the aisle to the popular song Back at One. I saw all these familiar faces from my church. I saw the joy in the faces of the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Everyone was there. Even the groom, the only problem was his face wasn't clear. In a sea of guests and attendants, his was the only blur. I struggled to make it out as I approached the altar, but it just wasn't to be and then I woke up. 

Odd, it was. Silly really. I shared the dream with Becca and Shawnta, two of my closest friends and we just laughed at it. Nothing more. I went about the next few days doing the normal things, studying for school, going to church and just hanging out. As the weekend came, we girls geared up to have some fun and the phone rang. It was Earl. He invited us to his house to watch a movie with him and some other people. We always had fun hanging out with him, after all he was a bit of a clown and could make you laugh so hard you'd cry.

It's funny because I really don't remember much about that night. I know we had fun and laughed. I know we watched a movie, what movie I couldn't tell you. But the one thing I do remember happening is sitting there in Earl's living room and in the middle of the movie, completely out of no where, he begins to sing Back at One. I remember scratching my head and thinking that's odd...I just had a dream with that song in it a few days ago. Coincidence? Perhaps or so I thought at the time, but I've come to learn that coincidence isn't in GOD's dictionary. Actually, I'm quite convinced an atheist came up with the word to try to discredit the magnificent ways GOD works in our lives. You may be thinking, well it was a popular song at the moment, so what makes it so odd. You see, Earl wasn't the type of guy that just belted tunes out all the time, nor was it the defining moment that made me realize the dream was from GOD. It was, however, the first step in identifying that GOD was doing something...something that many naysayers said would never happen...something bigger than I could have ever dreamed.

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