How Great Do YOU Wanna Be?

Last weekend I was supposed to attend the Women of Joy, however Earl's work schedule didn't agree and I had to give up my ticket. Since we live so close to the Sevierville area our women chose to come home after each session. This allowed one of the ladies to bless me on Saturday by watching my kids that night and allowing me the opportunity to go to the Chris Tomlin concert. It was such an amazing worship experience and as I lifted my hands and praised my JESUS, I began to ponder something.

Chris Tomlin's voice was spot was Christy Nockels, the female singer accompanying him. In that moment, I began to think of secular artists I've heard live and compare them. And well to be quite honest, in my experience none of them have ever been as good as the Christian artists I've been privileged to hear many are off pitch or key and it's just not the same as the CD, but that hasn't been the case when it comes to worship music.

So I began to think, perhaps this is GOD's blessing on them since they are choosing to use their gifts to bring honor to HIS name. I mean, after all since GOD blessed them with such unbelievable talent, HE meant for them to be great and share it with the world. Then I began to think about myself...if only I had a talent like that...then I could be great too. At that moment a thought flooded my heart and soul, and I realized it wasn't those on stage that were so was the GOD that made them. The only difference between them and me is that they aren't afraid of GOD's greatness.

Shakespeare knew of this battle which rages on in man as well. In his play the Twelfth Night, the character of Malvolio said, "Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them."

Honestly, I think we're all afraid of greatness...the greatness that GOD has gifted us with. I mean look at me, for eight years, I've lived in fear of what others will think or say. Is my story of faith worth telling? Will others see it as great as I do? What about my writing, will it be mocked and ridiculed?   After all, I'm essentially bearing my heart and soul to the world through these words. Am I really as "great" a writer as I've been told I am my whole life?

However, The LORD began to remind me of the comments I've read on here, the emails, texts and phone calls I received. HIS greatness was shining through me. Then once again, I began to focus on my fears. If people are thinking it's great? Then what's next? Will I have to stand on a stage in front of people and share my story? I can't do that. I'm terrified of speaking in front of crowds!! What if someone wants to turn it into a book or a movie? I don't think I want to be that great.

And then I thought about the words of JESUS. "The greatest among you shall be your servant." (Matthew 23:11 KJV) What those on stage were doing, was serving me. The greatness GOD had gifted them was allowing me an opportunity to direct my heart and mind toward my SAVIOR. They were obeying the MASTER and thousands of women were basking in a room filled with HIS presence. Those musicians weren't content to be mediocre because the GOD they serve is GREAT...

So really the question is, why are any of satisfied with being ordinary, if the GOD we serve is EXTRA-ordinary!!! In this, I have come to a conclusion, that we were never destined to be that way. GOD breathed life into each of us and everything HE created was meant to be an extension of HIS greatness. Christians should be rising above all others because our GOD created this world. Why are we limiting HIS power by our lack of faith and trust? Simply put, why are we afraid of greatness? In John 14:12 Jesus told his disciples, "Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and GREATER [works] than these shall he do..." (KJV--emphasis mine)

You and I have the power to do GREAT things because CHRIST lives in us. And I don't know about you, but I'm tired of being unremarkable, because a remarkable GOD lives in me and there's nothing routine or uneventful about that!!!!  I'm sick of living a life afraid of the greatness HE has instilled in me, because whether I was born great, will achieve greatness, or perhaps this is HIS way of thrusting it upon me, I know I was meant for greatness because GREATER is HE that lives in ME. (I John 4:4)


  1. Raquel i enjoy reading your postings. I am so glad of the woman you have become[Godly Woman].keep writing.You are blessed with words, and i loved so much the reading at Wayne's service, you know because of Ruby being in my live, i do believe her praying for me, is one of the reasons i know belong to Jesus, I was not a christian when Pete and i met, but thanks to God, I am a saved believer in Jesus Christ today. love you and proud of you!

    1. Thank you Rita...I owe it all to GOD, but a lot of it to my grandparents also. They were truly inspirational in leading me in the way and I now carry the cross Mamaw & Papaw carried for so many years, hoping and praying for more of the family to know and serve CHRIST...that's why I felt so compelled to read the eulogy. When they first asked me to write it I didn't want to and after I did, I just knew that not only was I supposed to write it, but that it was my duty to read it as well. Love you too!

  2. You are truly a Awesome Writer! I love each and every thing you write! Pure Gold!
    Love, Mom

  3. I had to laugh after reading this post. I stumbled upon your blog Friday night. I spent most of yesterday, Saturday reading your story. Towards the end I kept thinking this should be a book as it is like reading a novel. I noticed that the date is 2012 so I have no idea yet if you have a story about this turning into a book or not. I just had to laugh while reading this post. I usually don't comment on blogs but the Spirit moved me to on this one. God bless and thank you for listening to Him in sharing your story.


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