Blogging Regularly...Here I Come

I wish I could post pictures of a perfectly decorated home where all the laundry is always neatly folded and put away, and the floors are clean enough to eat off of, but I'm not that mom (trust me I read lots of articles on how to be that mom and even have a Pintrest board designated to getting me there)! I tell my kids, "everything has a place" yet even I struggle with getting everything to its place...I'm just not naturally organized! I want to be, but I'm not.

Piles of paper litter most every room of my home, but I prefer to call it organized chaos. Why would I even use the word organized if I just admitted that I'm completely unorganized...well just because there's a pile of papers on my kitchen counter doesn't mean I can't find things. On the contrary...I can tell you which stack my receipt from a shopping trip to Walmart three weeks ago is in and how far down to look. I like to call that a simple organizer. Do I love that my brain works this way? Not so much (and trust me my husband doesn't drives him crazy), but it doesn't mean I stop trying to be a better version of me.

Now when I started this blog almost two years ago, my main goal was to share our love story, because it is such an awesome story (if you haven't read it I promise it's worth taking the time)! Then I finished that (well most of'll have to wait for the book to get it all). Afterward, I began dabbling in writing whatever God laid on my heart...or life lessons as I like to call them.

So, after our chaotic summer, a new baby and several other crazy transitions, I started thinking about what to do with my blog now. After all, I spent 8 years getting paid for my writing skills, and if they're that good...then why not put them to use again. However, I still wanted to be able to homeschool my children and help my husband be the pastor that GOD has called him to be. That's where Mosaic Reviews came in. When I stumbled upon them, I knew this was exactly what I needed to get me on the right track for blogging regularly and I was right!

Our first assignment...reviewing a blog planner. Obviously, as I told you earlier, I'm not the most organized person. However, you cannot spend 8 years in TV without knowing how to do some planning and obviously meeting deadlines on a consistent basis, so I decided to suck it up and find something to work with. When I first began looking at the options, many of them overwhelmed (who knew there was so much to blogging???) the simple organizer in me and I was thinking, I'm going to fail miserable on my very first assignment...that is until I got toward the end of the list...that's when I found it...the blog planner that was perfect for me!

There's one line per day and you write in the week you are working on. There's a section for notes, images to make, future post ideas, a to do list and where to promote your blog. It's all combined on a single page and I didn't have to spend a fortune in ink just to print it! I printed a couple weeks in advance, added it to a binder with sheet protectors and volià! Suddenly, my organized chaos becomes something even easier to work with than the scraps of paper I scratch things down on from time to time!!! I really cannot express how much I loved the simplicity of this!!!! You can formulate a quick plan right away and best of all it's FREE! Now, if you are über organized and like to plan every last detail before you start...then this planner most likely isn't for you, but if you're a simple organizer (or live in organized chaos like me) who just wants some general guidelines to follow and place to jot down a few notes, then by all means go and snatch this blog planner up!

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  1. Organized Chaos describes my house to a t! Thanks for the honesty and wonderful review.

  2. It really is!! Even my desk and office was like that when I worked LOL

  3. Erika ~ Prey SpeciesFebruary 24, 2013 at 6:11 PM

    Love the new layout! Great review too :)

  4. Thank you Erika!! I'm looking forward to reading your stuff too!

  5. Sounds like you live in my home! My stacks are organized as well. Great Review.


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