Review: Waterproof Bible

This may have been the hardest review I had to do!! Hard...but fun!!! I was given the chance to put the Waterproof Bible produced by Bardin&Marsee Publishing to the test!! Putting the Word of GOD through the ringer...a little tough considering the reverence I have for the Holy Book. However, there wasn't any other way to find out if the company's claims were accurate. So, I took that challenge and was beyond amazed at the unfathomable limits that the Waterproof Bible!!

Some of the claims for the Waterproof Bible are that it's waterproof (obviously), stain resistant, tear resistant (which I did try, but my husband was adamant that I not test too far), and even floats. I found that everyone of these claims were 100% true.

I first sent my daughter diving into a hotel pool with the Bible and she gladly shared the Gospel with some of the other kids swarming around her to see why she had a book in swimming pool. It easily floated as she let it bob around in the water.

Next, being the avid coffee drinker that I am, I "accidentally" spilled coffee on Waterproof Bible. It wiped away with no visible sign of ever having the dark brown liquid on it. (My study Bible, not so lucky for my morning java with Jesus).

Finally, I decided to really see how much water this Bible could really take (as if the pool wasn't enough) and left it outside. It's been unusually rainy in East Tennessee the last couple of weeks and so I left the Waterproof Bible outside where it was rained on for three straight days. Obviously, after all of that it was extremely wet, and it took a couple of days, but it did dried to just as good as new.

The Bible special pages are easy for taking notes and marking in using a dry highlighter or a ball point pen or pencil It also comes in five different translations...ESV, KJV, NIV, NKJV and NLT with a price tag of $44.95 for the entire Bible and $24.95 for a Psalms/Proverbs/New Testament. You can even have the Waterproof Bible customized!!

Their motto is "Be Inspired. Anywhere." and it's a perfect fit, because as far as I can see the Waterproof Bible has absolutely NO LIMITS!!!


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