Review: How Do We Know God is Really There?

Faith is funny's simple enough for a child to easily accept, yet difficult enough for an adult to question. However, just because you believe doesn't mean you or your children don't have questions. Helping your children understand the great universe God has created can sometimes be difficult. That's where Apologia comes in. They offer a variety of products to help navigate those sometimes hard to answer questions. One of those is How Do We Know God is Really There? It's the first in a series of adorable picture books to help introduce your child to the concepts of the Christian faith.

How Do We Know God is Really There? follows a little boy named Thomas, as he and his dad spend special time together exploring our solar system. They duo use a telescope to look at the moon, planets and stars, which opens the floor for the question "Dad, how do we we know God is out there?" The dad begins to explain creation in terms of science, while still backing up the Bible.

The book was a fun and imaginative story with wonderful illustrations. My 3-year old son, who is a Cars fanatic, was quickly captivated by the race car running around on Saturn's rings. We enjoyed some special time by reading about Thomas and his dad's special time. You can pick up a copy here for $16. And while your there check out some of the other great products Apologia offers like The Ultimate Homeschool Planner.


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