Review: One Minute Reader

When I first began homeschooling, I never thought teaching my child to read would be nearly as hard as it turned out to be. We really struggled as we jumped in to one curriculum after another before finally finding what worked for us. Once we did my daughter took off, however, that battle created a great deal of reluctance from her when it came to reading. That's why when given the opportunity to review One Minute Reader I was more than happy to jump on board.

One Minute Reader is a free app developed for the iPad. It uses engaging content to help reluctant readers develop fluency in a fun, entertaining program. It was created by the husband and wife team behind Read Naturally. They combined three research methods to develop their strategy.

After downloading the app, your student will read a short passage for placement. Then you will need to purchase the various levels necessary. Prices range from $2.99-$4.99.

I cannot say how much fun my daughter found this to be!! She absolutely loved reading when working on this app! The format gave her the encouragement she needed to begin to overcome her reluctance.

Here's how it works:

Your student selects a story to begin with and does a cold reading. They get a score based on how many words they read before the time goes off. The next strategy used in the app is having the student read along with a fluent reader. It helped prepare her for words she struggled with on the cold read. They are then challenged to try to beat that score. Her score always improved which excited and encouraged her to keep trying and get further than the last time before the one minute was up. She was given five practice reads

The app also gave her the opportunity to explore some of the words that she didn't know the meaning of. Words that were slightly difficult were highlighted in blue and when tapped they were defined and used in a sentence to help her gain understanding.

She was then tested on understanding with a quick quiz afterwards that ensured her comprehension of the reading material. After answering questions, the quiz gives letters to solve a riddle at the bottom. The riddle is carried throughout several stories before the reader learns the answer, keeping them excited to keep trying to solve it. There's even a crossword puzzle for her to work using the vocabulary words she's learned.

I really loved watching my daughter grab my iPad and WANT to read! I would recommend this app to anyone that has a struggling reader. It is hands down an amazing program. My only criticism is that there were only five practice reads and my daughter wanted to be able do more! And don't worry if you don't own an iPad, there's a print version available for One Minute Reader too!!


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