Review: A Light for my Path (An ABC Book Based on Psalm 119)

When I signed up to do this review, I admit that I fully expected a simple little child's book of the ABC's using Psalm 119. I have a 4 year old and we are working on our ABC's and thought it would be a great companion to the other things we use. However, A Light for my Path (An ABC Book Based on Psalm 119) that I got was so much more!

When I sat down to  read the Apologia book with my little man, we jumped right in expecting it to be quick and easy, and while it was a quick and easy was so much more of a teaching tool than I'd ever expected. Originally, I had no plans of using it with my 7 year old daughter. I was sure it would be too elementary for her, however the end of the book was a perfect way to help her understand the way Psalm 119 was written. That particular Psalm is an acrostic of the Hebrew alphabet, and the book included each letter with the section of Psalm 119 that fit under it. This was definitely a plus! Not only could I use it to teach my little man his ABC's and attributes of God that came from it, but she could learn from it as well.

  The book is beautifully illustrated with an animal or plant matching whatever letter you are covering. It demonstrates both upper and lower case letters. Another fun tidbit of the illustration is that you can find each previous animal or plant on the following page. My kids were rushing to beat each other to find it as they looked at the book. My only criticism is that it is redundant in they way it presents each letter, which made it a bit tedious as the reader. I highly recommend this book for anyone to use as a companion in their homeschool, or just in the general discipling of their child.


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