Review: My Little Pony Reading App

Over the last three years since I began homeschooling, I have always been on the look out for accompaniments to keep learning fun. So any time I get an opportunity to review a new app that could add some extra excitement to our schedule, I jump at the chance. This time we got the to review a new reading iPad app called, My Little Pony: Party of One  It was created by PlayDate Digital, a developing company in the realm of interactive, mobile educational software for both iOS and Android devices. You can read more about them here.

The app is a short interactive story that allows students to follow along and helps enhance vocabulary skills. My daughter's favorite part was tapping each character after the story was read on that page. Familiar characters from My Little Pony, such as Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash, came to life and interacted with one another making it so much more than just a story to read. Students are given the chance to read the story on their own or have it read to them. A key feature for parents is the parent page, where you are able to see how many pages your child has read and the amount of vocabulary words they have clicked on in the adventure. 

While the app is simple it creates an added tool for emergent readers and it's just plain for  those slightly more experienced. You can download the app for $2.99 in the iTunes story by searching for PlayDate Digital or My Little Pone. My only critique is that there aren't more stories inside of the app for that price. I'd rather get a few stories as opposed to just one, but overall it's a fun interactive story that will excite readers as they move through the story.


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