Review: Reading Eggs

I cannot tell you how excited I am about the latest review that I had a chance to take part in. For quite some time now, I have toyed with buying a membership to the learning site Reading Eggs. I have done the two week trial and liked what I saw but never felt like it was long enough to really invest $49.95 for six months or even $69 for a year; that is until now. For the past six weeks both of my kids have gotten the opportunity to explore and learn on the site and I've seen an explosion in how much my 4 year old has learned. He has actually read at least two sentences this far and is well on his way to reading much quicker than my daughter did. I definitely attribute that to using Reading Eggs. No other site has kept him engaged in the learning process quite like this one.

Reading Eggs is a reading curriculum that focuses on phonetic awareness and sight words to help children learn to read. The games are engaging and just plain fun! Each child can explore and learn at their own pace with the 120 lessons that will have your child reading in no time. Not only do they offer reading lessons, but kids can work on spelling too. The child plays the levels earning eggs which allow them decorate their own home and avatar. One of my favorite features was that it was available for iPad!! Big plus when you have more than one using the computer in your home!

I have to admit, we'd never been able to progress through entire level with my 4 year old, so I really wondered how much he was retaining. This time I got to find out. He progressed far enough that he got to take a test at the end of the map. This eased my worries, because if he had not mastered a particular skill he was forced to stay on that map and continue playing levels until he could master the skill set he needed to move forward. There are even free activity sheets you can print off in order to help reenforce areas where your child may be lacking. And if you want actual books to help your emerging reader, the books your child is learning to read from on the game can even be purchased.

My one criticism is the spelling. We used it to work with my 7 year old daughter and while she did great, I would like to see a place to take each and work with it outside of the game just like the reading. She actually played Reading Eggspress since she can already read. It is set up similar to Reading Eggs, except with it she could focus more fluency and comprehension.

Right now there has never been a better time to find out about if Reading Eggs is right for you and your family! Sign up before March 7th and you can take advantage of a 5 week trial and participate in a great cause. Thousands of children across the U.S. are now taking
part in the Reading Eggs Read-To-Cure Challenge – an effort to inspire children to read while raising funds for The National Children’s Cancer Society (NCCS). The goal is to raise $25,000!!! With every donation friends and family make to the your reader, Reading Eggs will match it up to this amount! And if helping a great cause isn't enough...there are prizes too! So take advantage of this program now while you can see how great it really works! For more reviews on what others thought of their trial head over to Home & School Mosaics.


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