Review: Wizzy Gizmo

This past summer as I was looking to find a new bible curriculum for our family the opportunity to review a new product presented itself.
Since we were in the market for a new approach, I jumped on board to review Wizzy Gizmo. I'll admit that while the name sounds fun, I had my doubts at how much my kids could really learn from it. We received the audio drama "Who Created Everything" (which is perfect for my on the go family) and popped it in as soon as it arrived at our door. My kids were instantly hooked. The drama kept their attention as it took them on an adventure with the kids of Sunnyville. They travel back in time (or at least virtually by Gizmovision) to the first chapter of Genesis and explore creation and how it came about. The story offered lots of details and in depth look at the entire first chapter, all while keeping it on a level this kids could understand. It's a fantastic resource for the kids at daughter actually listened to it on repeat for weeks when we got it. The Bible came alive to them and the silly and fun songs included have been sung throughout my house for the last month and a half (even my 2 year old sings them the best that he can).

The company was recently founded when two dads wanted to give their kids an entertaining glimpse into the Bible. They set out to create something that not only captivated the kids attention, but gave them an in depth look and understanding of God's word. They offer a variety of products, from digital downloads to books and other options to help you as a parent in your journey to teach your children the Bible and help them truly understand it. Pricing on all the products tops out at $14.99, making it very affordable. There's even bible study tools to help you kids get an even more out of the fun stories. Even if you're not looking for a bible curriculum, these products would be perfect for family devotions or just something to pass the time on long trips in the car with the kids. We will definitely be checking out more of their products and incorporating them into our homeschool.

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